Like most Austin residents, I’m fanatical about music and spoiled with choices when it comes to live music. I’m Adie and I have been living in Austin for a little more than four years. To this day, SXSW remains my favorite way to explore Austin; stumbling upon new artists and genres, and sharing all of the experiences with old and new friends. I’m here to share with you my personal favorite finds for your SXSW experience.

When I first heard astronomyy about a year ago, I was crazy about his simple sound.

This one man band, made up of UK based Arron Davey, creates lo-fi pop that combines R&B beats with sultry vocals – delivering slick, laid back tunes. Although his lyrics are emotive and powerful, Davey does an amazing job of bringing together R&B elements, a lot of space, and electronic waves into easy listening tracks. The self-proclaimed “songsmith” describes his sound as “urban-surf” but I won’t begin to figure out what that means.

Your spell-check will hate his name, but his music more than makes up for it.

Your spell-check will hate his name, but his music more than makes up for it.

The British singer songwriter released a couple of singles last year, “Things I’d Do For U” and “Don’t Need U.” I remember frantically researching him on all music outlets because I needed more; I probably listened to those two songs on repeat for a solid month. I had almost given up hope, until astronomyy released his first EP entitled, There For U. The opening track “Nothin’ On My Mind” is exquisitely uncomplicated and is easily his best and most popular track deserving of multiple listens.

Don’t be fooled by his lazy titles; his lyrics are deeply relatable but simple, his sound is fluid but well-spaced, and his vibe is smoothly polished and enticingly profound. I’m excited to see what he can do here in Austin at SXSW. He hasn’t performed live very much, but from what I have seen, he’s performing at intimate venues – exactly what SXSW is made of.

Make sure you’re in that intimate venue, come March.

Give astronomyy’s tunes a listen:

If you like this R&B influenced sound, check out: Jaymes Young

Also check out this remix from Bearson of “Nothin’ On My Mind” – the tropical, deep house style of Bearson only adds to the top-notch single and is actually one of my current favorite tracks.

For more info on this songsmith – astronomyy website

Go Facebook stalk him – Facebook

Get on that Twitter game with astronomyy – Twitter

Insta-ronomyy – Instagram



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