Garrett Borns has been constructing landscapes of fascination and enchantment with his imagination since he was young.

Growing up outside of Lake Michigan, Garrett fell in love with illusion, fantasy, and magic. Wearing his signature sparkling shirts, Garrett would work gigs at local restaurants as a tableside magician. As Garrett matured, he migrated away from magic and further towards music through choir, learning the piano, guitar, and how to use his voice to the best of its ability. Now, after experiencing his dreamy, and euphoric music firsthand, it is not difficult to connect the ten year old tableside performer Borns to the mainstream stage performer we see today, BØRNS.

BØRNS transports us with an eleven-track, fantastic voyage through his world of sugary electro-pop confections and dreamy, psychedelic sensualities. It’s an album that’s been strategically and meticulously pieced together to advance a common concept and objective; the devotion to fantasy. Dopamine is a true testament of fantasy. As much as BØRNS is a pure escapist, the music he delivers has just the right amount of touch to still permeate our innermost realities. BØRNS builds fantasies, but fantasies that are hardly an escape from reality, just a method of understanding it.

Each track is an individual habit forming dosage of pure, unadulterated bliss. The album opens up with the rhythmically sublime10,000 Emerald Pools, touching base on the conscious feeling of longing and the world slowing down when one dives deep into the abyss of love. 10,000 Emerald Pools hits home in every buoyant beat, each exuberant rhythm, and every crafted declaration of affection, all while staying true to the central theme of fantastic exploration. The falsetto crushing Electric Love is the powerhouse pop song that takes Dopamine to the next level. Delivered with unbridled enthusiasm, his radiant disposition comes through energetically over a compelling bass line and irresistible melody. Through each and every verse, BØRNS manages to sing the body electric. The soulful Fool is a departure from the glam pop Electric Love or the pulsating synth flow of Past Lives, while the rock rootedAmerican Money allows for a fully eclectic album.

Overall, Dopamine hits on all pleasure centers.



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