Holly Lapsley Fletcher, stylized Låpsley, has hit the ground running. At twelve she started writing music, at thirteen she wrote her very first fully formed song, Station, and at nineteen, Låpsley has dropped her first album, Long Way Home, for the world to hear.

She’s picked it up quick, and she’s young and bold enough to diversify her sound through the debut without forcing solemnity just to display maturity. Long Way Home is an intimate bedroom confessional where Låpsley weaves stories of loss, sorrow, and solitude together through simple, heartrending recordings.

Long Way Home is not built by an experienced artist with several works under their belt, but by a young prodigy soldiering through a debut album with a deep sense of artistic command. Every song is a journal entry of introspection and heartbreak that convey simple truths and surpass plaintive emoting. The slow-motion Station spellbindingly balances Låpsley’s vocals as harmonies; pitching them between genders and ultimately creating a rainy late night ballad that comforts all of our needs. The heart-stopping epic of Hurt Memanifests the feelings of weariness through range spanning vocals, soulful phrasing, and just the right amount of affection. Summoning exploratory soundscapes through stripped down tracks laced with androgynous vocals, Låpsley consistently demonstrates keen command of her production and the direction of her sound. Falling Short is achingly tender and hits every soft spot of sorrow and fractured relationships with an absolute sense of emotional maturity as Låpsley balances her signature duality of vocal harmony. Låpsley’s confidence and dexterity as an artist shines through her sound and back again through the deliberate silent spaces that help define her somber soundscapes.

As the album comes to a close, what perseveres is an understanding for Låpsley’s own internal complexion. Rather than a cry for attention, there is a pervasive artistically focused tranquility at the center of these tender songs. With ageless classification, Låpsley has delivered a stunning debut album that cements herself as a rising force to be reckoned with and leaves us yearning for more.

Lapsley - BROTM


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