With formulaic precision, the Brooklyn trio of Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Suklow have developed a distinct methodology of sharing their innermost understandings of love and heartbreak through contemplative and bold break up songs.

Having delivered a groundbreaking self-titled EP in 2014, followed by a wave of stylish singles, the trio has now released Don’t You – a fearless, introspective, and atmospheric eleven-track narrative that passionately dissects a love that promises everything, but in the end, comes up brutally short.

Wet transforms heart wrenching, complex emotions into simple, closure inciting movements within breathless, confident vocals and flowing soundscapes. The album is a concentrated and coherent chronicle that brings a compelling sense of weightlessness amongst a crashing world. Zutrau pours herself out in front of us for all to see throughout the entire debut, pushing the seamless narrative to new lengths and meanings. It’s All in Vain provides the first impression of what to expect within Don’t You. With devastating sincerity and expanding confidence, Zutrau delivers the powerful, yet poignant message that she has come to terms with the reality of her relationship and will be moving forward, alone. Deadwater soothes the motif further, where with emotional maturity and urgency, Zutrau proves that through retrospection, optimism can emerge. As Wet builds stories detailing the complexities within relationships, the trio balances it out with the perfect blend of stripped down vocals, finely designed guitar lines, and minimalistic light weight beats. From the firm goodbye of Don’t Wanna be Your Girl to the yearning and comforting Weak; Wet delivers their full message without softening any blows, but through raw emotion and confidence, further emboldening their listeners along the way.

Ultimately, Wet sends a clear, unflinchingly honest message: goodbyes are sometimes necessary, but in that moment of release, be ever steadfast in your resolve and even more confident in your solitude.



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