Dream Collaborations

Worlds are colliding.

We’ve got Paul McCartney working with Kanye West. Missy Elliot appeared from out of the shadows at the Superbowl in a performance with Katy Perry; both equally blowing the Internet up because of the sheer level of awesomeness…and because some people didn’t know who McCartney or Elliot were. Wait…what…?

And then I stumbled across this:

Antanoff and Grobler

Makin’ Hits, indeed.

This is Jack Antanoff (Bleachers, FUN. and Steel Train) with St. Lucia front man Jean-Philip Grobler, which had the caption, “Makin’ hits.” The photo almost melted the portion of my mind that loves indie alternative music.  I never imagined the two gurus working together and I am absolutely stoked for the musical fusion that’s going to come about.

It also got me thinking about what other collaborations would be just as mind-meltingly awesome. My mind started spinning, thinking of what artists would complement and build each other most, or which would be just downright cool.

Who knows…maybe some of these artists will see this and inspire them to deliver these dreams.

In no particular order, here is what I would love to see:

Can you even imagine? I get giddy thinking about the potential.

For a taste – here is a cover of Drunk in Love by GroupLove that I had the pleasure of seeing live.

Let me know what you think and share your dream collaborations, below!


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