Great Good Fine OK

Great Good Fine OK – The Parish – Austin, TX – March 31, 2015

Great Good Fine OK was situated snugly between Vinyl Theatre and Magic Man in last night’s showcase, but thrust their way out in the spotlight with a performance that stole the show.

With a full band on the stage – the lights dimmed down and it became silent as we held our breath for lead vocalist Jon Sandler to emerge and get the party started. In a terrifically odd gold shimmering jacket (that’s becoming somewhat of a signature style for the lead) – Sandler entered the stage that he was about to take over.

Luke Moellman, the other half of Great Good Fine OK, was primed as he stood among an array of varying instruments, and the band kicked the party off strong with Carried Awaya captivating track off their fresh EP, titled 2M2H.  The band powered through all eight published tracks (and a bonus new single), including Something To Believe Ina hypnotizing and incredibly effective track with vocals from Jean Philip Grobler (St. Lucia). Even without the front man of St. Lucia there to provide the vocal dichotomy that makes Something To Believe In such an incredible track, Sandler handled both parts, impressively.

Sandler maintained the personal motif of awkwardness through body movements some would call dancing. He even managed to find a few spot in his music where he found the robot dance move necessary. As he sang the incredible tracks before us, he would snap and fit “clicks” and “ahh” between lyrics reminiscent of Michael Jackson. It was perfect. He was comfortable, confident and altogether one hell of a stage performer.

Moellman was equally brilliant, and should not be overlooked. He may not be the lead vocalist, but the man oozes talent. It’s hard not to notice as he shuffles instruments, whether it be glowing drumsticks for his drum pad or taking up a solo on the keytar. Together, the five piece put on a show that was captivating, thrilling and thoroughly impressive.

The Parish is an indoor Austin venue that was not designed for large crowds. Watching a live performance there with a sold out crowd is nothing short of intimate. You’re within feet of hit making performers, shoulder to shoulder with other dancing concert goers, and fully engaged in the moment you’re sharing with few others. It’s a moment that cannot be forgotten, as I told Sandler and Moellman after the set, these small sets are going to be a thing of the past, very soon. We were spoiled to be able to catch this moment with Great Good Fine OK as they follow their impending course towards further fame.

The show was spectacular – but it wasn’t just the signature jacket, the on point synth-pop, the robot and the keytar, the captivating vocals nor the way Sandler pulled the crowd in through his dynamic stage presence. It was everything, collectively.

It all came together for Great Good Fine OK – and they were electrifying. 

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