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Since 2009, I have religiously attended SXSW and have seen many bands follow what SXSW was built for: showcasing new talent and helping gain exposure. I have seen some absolutely phenomenal talent play to a small handful of people; generate a noteworthy buzz; then graduate to playing festivals one to two years later (think Fun, Alt-J, and Sam Smith).  I believe that ELEL is poised to have that same SXSW experience.

ELEL was hatched when founder Ben Elkin dissolved Nashville based indie band, Heypenny.  Formed in 2013, they won the Road to Bonnarro competition and played Bonnarro 2014 without a proper record.  This speaks to how quickly ELEL (named for founder Ben Elkins’ wife) is quickly gathering critical acclaim.  As an eight piece, they mesh two drummers, synthesizers and a horn section that deliver a diverse yet cool mix of alternative, indie, and pop.

Their main track, and first single from their upcoming debut album Geode, 40 Watt is insanely catchy. The high pitched hook, the big drums, and the soothing counterbalance of vocals will have you singing right along.  Similarly the track Kiss Kiss, brings an upbeat vibe with the band harmonizing while blending in some Caribbean influence with a hint of Latin flair, creating a truly unique indie sound.  ELEL proclaims their music as “Indiepop music with soul and good vibes”.  This is spot on.  These songs leave you with high expectations for ELEL’s forthcoming record.

Although the band does not yet have a record, the band has not been sitting idly around.  Being a music scene veteran, Elkins is taking a calculated and strategic approach.  He recently said, “We want to do this right.”  I am excited to see what ELEL brings to SXSW this year.

Take advantage of seeing ELEL in a small quaint venue because you will be fighting the heat and crowds in a major festival to see them in the future.  Watch out…2015 is going to be big for ELEL.

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The Essential Track: 40 Watt

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